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Culinary Creations 

Baking brings me great happiness.  I love to provide people with quality baked goods straight from my heart and home to theirs.  Cupcakes and cakes are my favorite thing to bake but I can make other treats as well.  I use scratch recipes as well as personal recipes from clients.  I have many inspirations in my cooking and I cater to all dietary needs, whether it’s gluten free, vegan, keto, etc. I take great pleasure in meeting those needs and have the ingredients to see to it that your request is met.  



Bringing Art to Life

Catering is so much fun.  I love dreaming with my clients and helping them bring their vision to life. It brings me such happiness to see people having fun and enjoying good food. This service is by appointment only.  Prices will vary based on needs and type of food as well as equipment fees.  If you need catering, reach out, we guarantee a fantastic service.

Chicken Breast

Meal Kits

Whole Foods

Meal planning and prepping is one of my favorite things to do at the end of a week in preparation for the week ahead.  It is where my creativity flows. This idea stems from some dear friends of mine who, like me, are busy with raising children and working full time and don't necessarily want to spend the time having to think about what to cook after a long day.  This is a new service and is by appointment only.  Kits start at $13.50 for a single person.  Prices will vary based on number of servings and protein choices. Let me make you dinner!

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